Cycling in Berlin – perfect way to experience it

Cycling in Berlin – perfect way to experience it

Germany’s capital is also one of the cycling capitals of the world. That’s not a surprise. Berlin officials report that one in three people have a car, but almost everyone has a bike. A dense network, constant investments in cycling paths and the development of cycling culture make it attractive for commuters and cyclists. Let’s dive deeper and see what cycling in Berlin offers to cyclotourists.

Cycling infrastructure

Extremely wide streets with bike paths, designated bike lanes and numerous bike rental spots appeal to various cyclists. With investments in safe and modern cycling infrastructure skyrocketing in the last years, the cycling network is continuously expanding with permanent and pop-up bike paths. In 2016, Berlin Senate invested under 5 million euros – only a piece of 51 million euros planned in years to come.
The offer of bikes and e-bikes makes it easy to go for a ride from any part of the city. Rental spots are in over a hundred locations. Therefore, there’s no excuse for avoiding bike rides.

Flat terrain

With almost entirely flat terrain, Berlin is ideal for sightseeing by bike – all without losing breath. It’s faster than walking, less stressful than driving and less crowded than public transport! Cycling longer distances with ease allow seeing and experiencing more of Berlin’s well-known and hidden gems as well. All while doing a light workout! On the other hand, Berlin also has several hills that balance out the flat and offer incredible views of cityscape. Famous Teufelsberg is only one of them.
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Incredible sights

And yes, there’s so much to see in Berlin! It’s a city of history and modernity at the same. Intensely shaped by wars, separation and fast recovery, it offers many unique sights.

Berlin Wall Memorial is a central memorial site recalling the German division. This 1,4 kilometers wall stands on the former border strip and serves as a reminder of separation and reunification of the past.

Geek or not, German Museum of Technology is a must-see. Displaying and celebrating Germany’s industrial and technological mastery, it’s a place of inspiration, admiration and innovation.

It’s only one of the countless museums, galleries and event locations. Berlin even has a complex of five museums located on an island inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List – Museum Island. The Island displays royal treasures, antique collections, Impressionist and Modernist pieces, Byzantine art, Islamic art and much more.

The city’s most visible landmark is 368 meters high Television Tower on the well-known Alexanderplatz. The breathtaking view from the Tower is unforgettable.

Let’s not forget about Berlin’s most famous historic sight – Brandenburg Gate that is now the symbol of unity and peace. It’s also a part of Bikademy’s Berlin Study.

Our Bikademy Ambassador, street artist, 3DFilip lives and cycles in Berlin for several years now. He says that „cycling is an easy way to dive into Berlin’s culture and daily life. While cycling around you really feel it like part of the city’s identity.
Berlin without a bike is like Berlin without B in it :).“
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The best of Berlin with Bikademy

Besides Brandenburg Gate and Television Tower, other Berlin Exams are Victory Column, Tempelhof Park, Molecule Man, Eastside Gallery, Potsdamer Platz and Checkpoint Charlie. Start exploring Berlin’s iconic streets and monuments with Bikademy today. 

To win rewards, Bike Student needs to register on the app, cycle to these locations in a preferred route and order, take a photo and make a check-in at the Exam.
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Nature in the city

Besides cultural sights, Berlin has many parks, rivers, lakes and canals that make stunning views.

The Wannsee route, Tegel lake and the forest with Berlin’s oldest tree, Tiergarten are only a small part of Berlin’s offer for swimming, sunbathing, recreation and picnic.

Combine visiting the cultural and natural sights as many of them are near each other.

Milan Margeta, Berlin bike tours operator and founder of Cycleastok shares with us: „I like visiting places in the southwestern part of Berlin, the area called Wannsee. It has the same name lake, river Havel, a popular sand beach, a cute small village with a rich history that offers countless cycling opportunities. Everyone loves the green oasis of Berlin, the Grunewald forest.“
He also recommends Lake Müggelsee, Treptower Park and the whole part along the river Spree, Kreuzberg to grab a “burek” in the “Old Bridge” and Viktoria Park is an obligatory station. Possibilities are endless, Milan concludes.
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Many would agree that cycling is a go-to way of experiencing Berlin, its cityscape, cultural and natural offer and, lifestyle. If you plan on cycling Berlin, download Bikademy and win rewards.

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