4.5M – The World’s Largest Cycling Route Collection

4.5M – The World’s Largest Cycling Route Collection

Bikemap was created by passionate cyclists with the goal of sharing awesome routes with cyclists around the world. Until today, the Bikemap community has created over 4.5M unique routes in over 100 countries adding up to more than 410M route kilometers, which makes it the largest community-based cycling route collection in the world. Today you can find cycle routes in nearly every place. This makes it easier than ever to lose track of time while blissfully browsing through the huge selection of gorgeous cycle paths and inspiringly diverse destinations. To celebrate the milestone of 4.5M routes, we have compiled the 10 most beautiful routes on Bikemap for you!

1. The Baltics

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Explore two of the beautiful green Baltic states, Estonia and Latvia, where half the landmass consists of natural ecosystems that humans have barely or not at all interfered with. In Latvia, you can gain an insight in the region’s Soviet history and pay a visit to several relicts from the Cold War.

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