Future of development of cycling roads

Future of development of cycling roads

Mayor of London Boris Johnson recently revealed plans for building of 18 miles of new cycling lanes. Plans include cycling routes completely separated from traffic, through the whole city.

Johnson told that cyclists make 24% of total traffic center of London and without them hundreds of thousands of people would use cars or public transport.

There are also other examples of cycling lanes:

Floating lanes:

Hames Deckway Project suggests special designed lanes on the Thames length 7 miles. This project will include 4 lanes that could be used by pedestrians also. It will connect residential parts so one could go from one part to the opposite within 30 minutes.



Sky cycling

This approach anticipates cycling roads in the air above railway. It would be 220 km long and would have 200 connecting points.



Hovering roundabout

When we talk about Holland, it always has been in the top regarding cycling. So it is not surprising that the first hovering roundabout is made between Eindhoven and Veldhoven. In the middle there is a 70 meters hight pillar with 24 steel cables that hold everything and make effective flying saucer for cyclists, while cars are below them.


We hope that in whole Europe will soon be such new great ideas.

Source: virgin.com / Bikademy

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