How to Finish Your First Triathlon

How to Finish Your First Triathlon

You love cycling and also like to go for a run or swim? Participating in a triathlon would be a perfect challenge for you. Especially if you have always dreamed of competing in a triathlon, we have compiled a couple of tips to make your first experiences with this diverse sport a little easier.

Triathlon – can I do this?

You don’t have to do an ironman straight away. Start out by doing shorter distances to get acquainted with the challenges of a triathlon. A triathlon still consists of the three disciplines swimming, cycling and running which makes competitions a tough task that, however, can be overcome with goal-oriented training. If you already have some experience with at least one of the three disciplines, it will be easy to get better at the others. A great beginners’ triathlon consists of 300-750m of swimming, 5-30km of cycling and 3-10km of running. With a pinch of motivation and regular training you can prepare for your first short triathlon within 8-12 weeks and start into the competition with a good level of fitness.

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