The impact of artificial intelligence and blockchain on tourism and mobility

The impact of artificial intelligence and blockchain on tourism and mobility

Bikademy presented its concept during “Futurism in tourism and mobility: AI and Blockchain revolution” meetup was held at the Entrepreneurship Center of Krapina-Zagorje County in Krapina on Thursday, February 29.

The organizers of Regea, EIT Urban Mobility and the Entrepreneurial Center of Krapina-Zagorje County gathered experts from various fields to discuss technological trends, revolutionary changes and innovations that direct the future of both tourism and human everyday life.

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After the introductory speech by Helena Matuša, head of the Entrepreneurial Center and Petra Grgasović, project manager at Regea, the keynote lecture “(Re)evolution of tourism and mobility – AI view” was held by Jan Štedul from Mindsmiths, a Croatian AI startup. He gave insight into AI solutions that improve passenger experiences and optimize traffic in tourism.

Besides Bikademy’s Krešimir Herceg, experts from all over Croatia participated across three panels. The panel “SustAInable tourism” discussed the application and role of artificial intelligence in the preservation of cultural heritage, personalized recommendations and experiences with the aim of achieving sustainability. “AI and the uniqueness of experiences” panel focused on personalized experiences within destinations with an emphasis on mobility as a key factor in creating these experiences. The last panel discussion “Tourism in a different way” dealt with the topics of establishing green supply chains, encouraging consumption by local traders and producers, strengthening small tourism service providers or solving communal challenges for the benefit of tourists and residents.

“Digital solutions based on artificial intelligence and blockchain are already part of the development of the tourism and transport sector, and the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT Urban Mobility) offers numerous opportunities for newly founded companies and innovators who are just entering the market with such products,” Petra Grgasović from REGEA added.

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