Introducing Bikademy Challenges: Ride, Track, and Win Monthly Prizes!

Introducing Bikademy Challenges: Ride, Track, and Win Monthly Prizes!

Get ready to transform your daily bike rides into rewarding challenges with Bikademy’s latest feature!

What is the Bikademy Challenges?

The Bikademy Challenges is our newest feature designed to encourage daily cycling by offering exciting challenges in four distance-based categories:

  • 0-10 km
  • 10-20 km
  • 20-60 km
  • 60+ km

Not only does the app track your kilometers, but it also calculates your carbon dioxide savings compared to driving a car, emphasizing the environmental benefits of cycling.

Why Four Categories?

We’ve created these categories to make cycling accessible to everyone, not just athletes. Whether you’re cycling to work, running errands, or enjoying a leisurely ride, there’s a category that fits your routine.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple! Throughout the month, you can participate in all four categories depending on the kilometers cycled each day. For example, you cycle 6 km one day and 26 km the next day. The first day falls into the 0-10 km category, while the activity of the second day falls into the 20-40 km category.

This flexible system ensures that everyone can participate, regardless of their cycling habits or fitness level.

Join the Bikademy Challenge Today!

Become part of a community dedicated to sustainable urban mobility. Let’s ride together towards a greener future!

Download the new Bikademy app here, track your kilometers, and start winning rewards!

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