Your First Long Bike Ride – 200km and More

Your First Long Bike Ride – 200km and More

What was the longest bike ride that you did in one piece?

For most hobby cyclists, extremely long bike rides are likely not a common occurence. But rides that are over 200km long are also as rather rare for triathletes and ambitious cyclists. How can you prepare for such a feat? We are going to tell you in this post!

What happens to your body during a long bicycle ride?

To be able to make it through a long ride, it’s necessary that your body provides energy using an aerobic energy metabolism. Using oxygen, carbohydrates and fats are dismantled this way to produce energy. This works well under low strain training conditions such as long bike rides. Of course your body also produces a lot of sweat on a long ride. Because your body works harder to produce energy, your body temperature is regulated by sweating. Furthermore, your muscles grow tired which decreases your performance (which has a bigger impact on less trained cyclists).

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