Switching from City Bike to Race Bike

Switching from City Bike to Race Bike

You’ve decided to take your racing ambitions to a new level and want to acquire a race bike? Great decision! Find out what you need to consider when purchasing a new sportster and learn all about the differences between city bike and race bike in this post.

A significant difference

If you want to cycle fast, a race bike is a good choice. This bike type is characterised by its lightness and speed. The frame is usually made out of light materials such as carbon, ensuring that the bike weighs in at only 6-9 kg. Moreover, a race bike’s geometry differs significantly from city or trekking bikes. The frame is sportier, requiring cyclists to be more athletic. Furthermore, race bikes are only suitable for everyday traffic during the daylight as they sport neither reflectors nor lights.

The intricacies of a race bike

But that isn’t all: True race bikers use clipless pedals that fixate their shoes to the pedals.

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