The Latest Bikemap App News

The Latest Bikemap App News

Read on for the latest app updates and news on all-things Bikemap.


iOS Updates:

We are super excited about our latest iOS updates. The Bikemap app got optimized for iOS 13 and includes many new exciting features for you:


Dark Mode ?

Reading maps is now easier on your eyes. Go to your settings, select the section ‘display & brightness’ and choose ‘dark’ appearance. The Bikemap app will now open in dark mode, which is perfect for low-light environments.

Iphone Applesignup - Bikademy


Apple Sign In ?

You can now create a Bikemap account by using your Apple ID. Easily sign in with your Apple ID to start navigation and track your ride even faster.


Siri Shortcuts ?

Go to the Shortcuts app and add a new shortcut for Bikemap. Let Siri know to navigate you to your destination by saying “Siri,

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