Paris makes highway for cyclists

Paris makes highway for cyclists

Last week, in the middle of European Championship, Paris opened first part of highway for cyclists in length of 600 m. It maybe seems small part, but it is the first part of 45 km planned road – Express Bike Network.

Those two meters wide roads in the center of Paris offers to cyclists almost 30% more space than classic roads that are going through cities.

With this project Paris wants to more encourage cycling. This highway will go through all Paris and will be physical separated from traffic, and will have a space for circumvention.


Pariz Plan

The main goal is to double number of cycling roads and have secured 1.400 km of safe cycling routes in a 5 year period.

In Paris, there is 225.000 of cycling trips daily, which present 5% of total trips, and with this project that proportion will increase on 15%.

The main project should be finished by the end of 2017.




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