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Cycle Your Exams

Hi there!
If you like both cycling and exploring cultural and natural heritage sights, we are here to reward you for that! All you need is a bike and a good connection.
Bikademy is a free app that offers you Studies – cities and regions – to cycle across. Every Study has several Exams – locations of cultural and natural importance. Visit those locations by bike, take a selfie or a photo of a bike, check in through the Bikademy app and, after you visit those several locations (pass all Exams), we will send you the reward. All you have to do is Cycle Your Exams.
Download and register at the Bikademy app today or watch this 1-minute tutorial on how to become a Bikademy Student and win cool cycling rewards.

PS If you work for a city, municipality, tourist board or other stakeholders, feel free to reach out and bring Bikademy to your area. We promote micro regions as desirable cycling destinations in an interactive, educational and fun way. It is a perfect added value in tourist offer in fields of cycling tourism and urban mobility.


Registration – for every new User (Bikademy Student)

Task – visit locations (Exams) of certain Studies by bicycle

Check in and take a selfie with bike at location through application (GPS and data have to be turned on)

After passing every Exam of certain Study – You get reward

You can pass exams randomly


2nd Step

Cycle to the Exam (Location)


3rd Step

Make a selfie and check in


4th Step

Repeat Steps 2 & 3