Cycling interview | Majda Botic

Cycling interview | Majda Botic

It’s great to meet people who live their dreams, and one of them is Majda BoticLIV ambassador and cycling enthusiast.

Hi Majda! Where do you come from and how did you start cycling?

Hello everyone! My name is Majda Botic and I come from beautiful Istria, more precisely the town of Labin, which is 5 km away from Rabac, where the cycling story is moving forward. My whole life has been in the sports, so I have tried a lot of sports during my life, and cycling is another sport that I really liked. I could say that it is my passion. I started doing this sport most actively when I started working at the Rabac Bike Center. Surrounded by these wonderful people, the energy that reigns through such jobs, the love for that sport has grown tremendously. Now I can say that I am very active in cycling, through practice and work.

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Majda Botic – Liv Ambassador

What kind of cycling do You prefer – road or MTB?

Now, this is a good question for me :). I started riding MTB and I still adore it, it gives me some good feeling of adrenaline and merging with nature, technically demanding trails and there that excitement grows. As for the road bike, that love happened right after the first ride. As I was driving so I immediately decided I needed to have that bike, too. The long and beautiful rides began immediately. I like that I can do great mileage, see a lot of beautiful places and a sense of fulfillment due to strong practice (I am a person who likes to train hard and enjoy it). I kind of like to say: A mountain bike is like your best buddy. A road bike is your lover 😉

Majda Botic: “A mountain bike is like your best buddy. A road bike is your lover!”

What is it that You enjoy the most while cycling?

I am the type of person who likes to train, give my body and mind what it deserves. Cycling is a sport that has a lot of benefits for health, body, and not to mention fun. You can meet a lot of people and socializing becomes very useful because with fun we cycle miles and enjoy it. Discovering new places and trails is the charm of cycling, the most beautiful viewpoints are visited by cycling.

You work in cycling tourism, how do foreign guests view Istria as a cycling tourism destination?

Cycling tourism in Istria is attracting more and more guests. Cyclists are a very important part of tourism, they fill the period out of season, out of summer months and love all the features that they can enjoy and relax. Istria has been promoted as a unique outdoor destination for several years. Istria is mainly dominated by MTB cyclists who have the opportunity to ride on all types of surfaces, asphalt, macadam and trails. Then there are road cyclists, athletes and recreation and trekking cyclists, which are driven mostly by lightly older guests. Foreign tourists come to Istria for active holidays.

MTB cyclists come to Rabac because it is already known for its well-maintained bike paths, which are expanding every season in cooperation with Valamar. Foreign guests are very satisfied with cycling tourism in Istria because we try to give them as much attention and information as possible in order to use their stay as well as possible. Brochures, catalogs, GPS are all provided as soon as they set out to explore.

You are active in Bike Center Rabac! What does it look like for those who have never been there and would like to drive through that part of Istria?

Bike Center Rabac is located on the eastern coast of Istria in the most popular Croatian bike destination Rabac.

It is aimed for professional and recreational cyclists and active families. The Bike Center offers everything that cyclists need on vacation: from Bike Park Rabac with a pump track training ground and single and flow trails of varying difficulty to bike rental services, services, bike transfer services and guided tours.

Bike Center Rabac offers: info point, Bike Park Rabac, bike shop, bike rent, bike service, bke storage room, bike wash, bike transfer.

The trails are made and adapted from the least demanding to the most. The family trail is very popular for families with children, and the trails that climb from 0 to 470 m altitude leave you breathless. You start from the sea and then you look at the sea from the top, perfect! We at Bike Center love to share information for everything our guest needs because we live that life to the fullest and our job is not just a job but our hobby that we adore. We are glad that everything is going in this direction and we have a lot of good ideas for development in the future. When you come to Rabac it is like you came to a sports resort and we hope it will continue in that way and even better.

In our store we always look to have the latest bike models so we can help our customers choose. We cooperate with the Giant brand and we are very satisfied with their quality and their female brand Liv, which I drive and test. As I am a very active rider and have tested Liv models I like to help women with tips on choosing a bike for them.

Everyone is welcome!

We live sport! ?

Bikademy Majda Botic

What are your favorite destinations that you have cycled and what are your preferred destinations that you want to visit by bike?

My favorite cycling destinations are right here in Istria, especially around where I work and live. It is very hilly which I love very much. I am a person who likes to cycle uphill and enjoy the sea view. I am a person who likes to attend races and events so I would love to go to the 4 Islands MTB stage race. Pass the most beautiful locations on the islands of Krk, Rab, Cres and Lošinj. 4 days, 4 stages, 4 islands. Stone and technical trails that you will love. It’s kind of at the top of my list even though I still have a lot of wishes. Everything will go around and it is important that we enjoy all this and look forward to each new ride.

Thank You Majda Botic and hope You’ll fulfill Your wishes!

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