Cycling Interview – Jasminka Sarilar

Cycling Interview – Jasminka Sarilar

We present LIV ambassador we can often see cycling – Jasminka Sarilar!

How did You become Liv ambassador?

I became Liv ambassador on recommendation of a friend. They were looking for representative, and since I love to cycle, be in nature and love to photograph, I accept it. That was just everything that I like and love. Also, my job is connected with cycling.


Can You introduce Live brand for those who don’t know for it?

Liv is sister brand of famous brand Giant Bicycles. It is completely tailored for women and their constitution. We, women are differently built than men. Liv strives to adapt the bike and equipment to women so we could feel comfortable while cycling. The concept itself is based on designing women for women, because who knows more women needs than women themselves.


What else do You do?

I am a tecaher. But in our Slavonia (eastern Croatia) is hard to get a job, especially as a teacher, I decided to work on season at sea. For seven years I work as animator in Valamar Hotels in Rabac, Istria. I work as a sports animator.

How do tourists react to Istria and cycling there?

Tourists react great on Istria and cycling there. Most of them are from Germany and Austria. They are quite active and love to cycle across Istria. With tourists of our hotel I carry out various sports activities and some of them are cycling tours. There is a shorter tour around Rabac where they can meet this place, and several trails in bike Park Rabac. They like that they can get to know Rabac in interesting and active way. When we reach certain destination, they take photos, ask about the place, enjoy. They always remain delighted with nature and views that extend from hill to the Sea. Istria is so beautiful and offers a lot, especially cycling trails and paths. Tourists recognize this and every year more and more of them are coming back and getting involved in active holidays.

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Istria is so beautiful and offers a lot, especially cycling trails and paths.”

How often do You cycle and what type of cycling do You prefer? Do You cycle every day, beside practice?

I don’t cycle as much as I would like, mostly because of work. Also, because it is quite difficult to find cycling company, especially women’s company, and arrange it to suits everyone. I cycle a couple times a week. I like to cycle both, and road and hills, but I rather choose hills. I don’t ride every day, but I walk a lot.

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Do You cycle other destinations? Which is Your favorite one?

So far, I’ve cycled only through Istria and Slavonia, and abroad in South America – Bolivia, when I was there on a trip. We cycled along famous Death road and survived 🙂 That will stay in my memory forever. And for now, Istria is my favorite cycling destination.

Jasminka, when do You plan ride Bikademy? 🙂

I like Bikademy a lot and that idea is truly commendable. I plan to try it and ride it, soon hopefully!

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