Bikademy at Velo-city Ljubljana

Bikademy at Velo-city Ljubljana

Bikademy was presented at Velo-city 2022 in Ljubljana this week. It’s the world cycling summit, held from 14 to 17 June, where advocates, cities, decision makers, researchers and industry leaders meet to shape the future of cycling. It plays a valuable part in promoting cycling, cycling tourism and urban mobility.

It was a perfect fit because Ljubljana city centre is all about reclaiming public space for people and creating the environment for not only cycling and walking but also for providing safe access for all, including children, women, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Velo-City Ljubljana

The main theme is therefore “Cycling the Change” and it covered following topics:

  • Rethinking urban space
  • Focus on citizens, stakeholders and community
  • Policies for more cycling
  • Green tourism, green economy
  • Urban mobility innovation

There were numerous speakers and presenters, examples of good practice from the whole world. We enjoyed every one of them. It is a big challenge in recreating urban spaces, promoting rural places to visit by bicycle and many others. We met many of them and spoke about problems, potentials and solutions in all of those fields. So, we hope Bikademy will open its Studies all over Europe, soon, as a great fit to sustainable policies.

In Wednesday we also participated in Bike Parade with over 2.000 cyclists cycling the streets of Ljubljana and it was perfect!

Velo-City Bike Parade

At the panel Standing out of the crowd – innovation in cycling tourism we presented Bikademy concept and product as innovative and interactive one, suitable for every city and region who develop cycling tourism and urban mobility. It was nice experience to share insights with other panelists and to meet their innovative projects and approaches (Christine Jurgensen, Marco Berends, Jan Vanhee and Omer Malak).

Velo-City Bikademy Conference

What caught our attention the most? It was all about sustainability. And the best message was by Alex Crevar, travel journalist and resposible tourism consultant, who said that cycling is to be “a great equaliser” and that “sustainability” is an overused term in our society. So, let’s be sustainable.

At the end, the conference was very nicely organized. We had a great time, met a lot smart people who are managing great projects and have just as great ideas. It was nice to present Bikademy to all European stakeholders in fields of cycling tourism and urban mobility.

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