Bikademy cycling Ambassadors

Bikademy cycling Ambassadors

Bikademy cycling ambassadors promote us everywhere. We are at the end of one more year, which was meant  only progress for Bikademy. We spreaded on Bjelovar – Bilogora county, and made some deals that should be realized in next year.

For next year we have big plans on several fields:

  • expanding on other regions
  • expanding outside Croatia
  • increasing Bike Students number
  • increasing content quality
  • Exams promotion (locations of cultural and natural heritage)
  • partnerships
  • Cycling Ambassadors

With last point we’ll start the first. There are several persons already that will be part of expanding of Bikademy ideas and values. With the start of the New Year we’ll make an official deals with some cycling Ambassadors who like and ride bicycle, or are in any way connect to it. Communication will be made through the whole year, and we hope that will be interesting for You.

Also, if You have an idea who would be good Bikademy Ambassador, please contact us or recommend us.

You will be informed about all other news from cycling World.

We wish You all the best in New Year!

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