City for cycling – Copenhagen

City for cycling – Copenhagen

We will present the best cycling cities in the World. Famous brand Copenhagenize made this rang list according to certain crietria.

Bike Snake

Several years on the top of the list is Copenhagen. Every year it make effort to be even better.

Copenhagen is on the top with its unique network of urban design.

This city has clear vision and it moves forward with effective and innovative solutions.

It’s constantly invested in new infrastructure:

  • Cyclist’s bridge over highway
  • Two new bridges over the canal
  • Famous Cykelslangen (cyclo snake)
  • Improved city routes

Copenhagen_Bike_Lane1 Bicikademija

You can not even follow all the new things about cycling in this city. Proportion of cyclists increased from 2012. to 2014. from 36% to 45%. They have simple formula: Innovation – Investment – Progress.

Interesting thing is that Copenhagen eliminated bike sharing program and started to invest in effective ways. The key things are more space, helmet promotions, wider bike lanes and boulevards.

It is opened for experiments and strive to increase level of cycling even after the Metro has finished.

Semafor Copenhagen Bicikademija                              Urban Experiment

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