Cycling Bikademy – Filip Mrvelj

Cycling Bikademy – Filip Mrvelj

Cycling brand Bikademy started in october of 2014 and there is already big number of registered users – Bike Students. Some of them are more famous and successful businessmen. Also, they are big ambassadors of Bikademy.

One of the first ones is Filip Mrvelj from Slavonski Brod, the only 3D Street Artist in Croatia.  Filip cooperates with NGO Lima for a while through cultural projects, and we followed him to his first exam – Djakovo.

Filip, we know that You work as 3D Street Artist. But, how to explain this part of art?

Precise name for this art is “anamoprhic art”. 3D effect is get when the painting is looking from the certain point using the lens (photo, camera, mobile phone).

You traveled around the world with Your business. Which are the countries that You will remember? And are there any anecdotes?

Sure. This year I traveled a lot. I had a chance to visit many of European countries, even few continents. If I have to extract some countries – it would be Thailand and Romania. Thailand – because I+ve stayed in Bangkok for a month and had a chance to visit so many cultural and tourist sights. On the other hand, I had a time to meet everyday routine and culture with locals. I can not forget the climate. Daily temperatures were around 40 *C, that isn’t so dramatic, but the humidity is much more than I used to it.
Romania is our almost neighbour country and we heard so many bad stories about it – undeveloped and other prejudice. And I went there from Holland directly, from the city that was old maybe 30 – 40 years. And then – baaam – only 350 km from my hometown You have cites that looks like Wien, and as You travel to the east, You meet so many differences and specific stuffs that looks amazing.

Slavonski Brod 3D Anarmorphic Photo - Bikademy

What are next business plans?

Now I am making my schedule according to festivals next year. There will be many interesting stuff.

Lately, you can be seen on bike often. That love lasts or is recent?

Yes, I finally got a bike half year ago. Love towards bikes dates to Elementary school. Back then I got a racing bike and practiced the whole summer to enter the bike club. But, then the war started and my bike career ended. These days I enjoy again in cycling around my home town.

Where did You cycled around so far? 

I mostly do cycling near my city. But further – to Djakovo and Pleternica (around 50 km). And abroad, I cycled in Holland and Germany in bigger cities. Bike is super stuff! It is not expensive and it allows You different, more freely way to meet some destination.

You started Bikademy. Can tell us what was tohe trigger to start this adventure and what do You think about this project?

Bikademy is great project. It is not a secret that I prepare myself for bike adventure next year from Croatia to France. Around 1500 km of cycling, so Bikademy comes as a great practice.

This cycling project currently covers continetal part of Croatia – Slavonia. Are people aware of the beauty that Slavonia has?

I’ll start from myself and I travel a lot. I think that people are not aware, but the situation is slowly changing. If we take a lokk Bikademy in that context, then we can tell that such projects contribute of researching of beauties and sights that Slavonia has and all of us have to support it more.

Last question has nothing with cycling. What the future brings us and do You have any message for humanity? 

Future brings us Orion lending on Mars and I can’t wait for cycling on Mars (laugh). Also, I have a message: “Call it Earth”.

Thank You Filip and we hope that You will pass every Bikademy exam!

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