Top cycling city – Hamburg

Top cycling city – Hamburg

Another city that invests in life quality of its citizens and tourists is – Hamburg. We can say that it is also a cycling city!

Known as the 2nd largest German city and the biggest German port should associate on usual seamy harbor cities, but it isn’t like that.

About 40% of the city is made of green areas and for the first time, those areas will be connected by cycling and pedestrian routes as the part of the Green Network Plan. The main goal of this plan is removing motorized vehicles in next 20 years.

It is unique project and as such will make that the whole city can be completely perambulated by bicycle or simply by foot.

Hamburg has two big green areas, north and south. Connecting those areas through seven parts, which Hamburg is consisted of, will secure all inhabitants better life and approach to green areas.

Cycling Hamburg 2

The City will develop and several new green areas that will help in absorption of CO2 and regulate city climate. Those areas will prevent floods, also.

By this network Hamburg will connect all nearby areas with center and the plan is that car – as the only transport option from one part of the city to another – become unnecessary.

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Source: archdaily

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