Top cycling city: Nijmegen

Top cycling city: Nijmegen

As every year, cycling brand Copenhagenize publishes list of the best cycling cities in the World. This year one less known name appeared – Nijmegen. Small Dutch city on the German border voted the best bike city in the country.
Short documentary made during International conference Velo City that was held in Nijmegen hits on key points.

It took a lot of time to reach this level. Since 1970 the center of the city was closed for motorized vehicles and is aimed for pedestrians and cyclists. Since signs didn’t work, the automated bollards were put to protect the entrance.

Focus of the bike lanes were the region. So high quality bike lines spread around the city and outside of it, drawing commuters from neighboring areas into work and school by bike. In that way they kept young families that didn’t want to live in center, in suburbs.
Cyclists of all ages can be seen on the streets all the time.

Holland Cycling - Bikademy

Source: Holland Cycling

Philippe Lerouic Crist (Administrator at the International Transportation Forum) noticed one specific thing about it: „When is all full of cyclists passing, you can hear people walk. You can hear people talk. You can hear kids playing. There’s a lot of noise, but it’s noise we’ve forgotten about.”
Source: City Lab

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