1. Story – Cycling Gacka valley

1. Story – Cycling Gacka valley

Cycling Gacka valley is our first story by our Bikademy Students. Why should we visit Lika and Gacka read in your first cycling story by Claire.

It might be dumb to write about cycling in March, and it’s June now, but I feel this is a fine beginning. Plus, maybe thinking about winter will make 37°C feel less hot.

The only thing hot in March was lighting the fire in the apartment and steaming hot tea after a full day of cycling and exploring the stunning Gacka valley.

When I think about cycling Gacka valley, I don’t think about pedaling, layers of clothing or an uncomfortable seat on a rental.

My mind immediately jumps to fresh air, nature sounds, freedom I felt. I remember serenity, incredible hills and mountains that surround and protect Gacka valley, small rivers and streams that mingle throughout the region. And wonderful animals that are usually locked up, but in Lika, they roam freely in pastures (and even streets :).

Cycling By Gacka 2

I vividly remember an incredibly blue sky with clouds as white and fluffy as cotton candy during the day, and a pink sky that ‘looks too good to be true’ in the evening. But it is true.

I felt genuine emotions of life in small Lika villages, calm, but diverse nature and freedom that the city couldn’t provide.

Cycling By Gacka 1
Image - Bikademy

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