Cycling Interview – Mladen Mrsic

Cycling Interview – Mladen Mrsic

Another cycling interview ahead. When we analyzed social networks we noticed one potential Bike Student using hashtag Bikademy when cycled in and outside Croatia. We contacted him to make another Bike interview to find out what are main reasons of cycling around Europe.

Greetings, Mladen. Can You present Yourself in short lines?

My name is Mladen Mršić, and I’m in furniture business across European Union, mostly Spain and France.  

Where are You from?

From small town named Bakar near Rijeka, but last several years I live in Drazice, also near Rijeka.

Where does love for bicycle and cycling coming from?

Love for bicycle comes from childhood, and I’ve always seen bicycle as a fan or play. Just recently I started to ride recreationally. Helath and relaxation, and exploring other countries and cities are some of the reasons for cycling. 

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We noticed that You cycle and outside Croatia, through some popular cycling destinations. How did it come to that?

Because of the nature of the business, I have possibilities to cycle outside Croatia, as much as I can. 

Do You cycle through Croatia then?

When I’m at home, I cycle around Rijeka or through Istria. I have in mind to visit other destinations, but for now I don’t have time. 

What are Yours favorite cycling destinations?

Definitely Spain. Beautiful country eith developed cyclotourism. Spaniards adore bikes 🙂 

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What is Your main criteria when picking cycling destination? Nature, culture or something else?

Nature and culture are the main reasons. Also, I pick routes that locals ride.

You follow Bikademy, so can You tell us what do You think about that cycling product? And do You have suggestions for us?

I’m glad that such product exists and it seems funny. Sincerely, I haven’t used it in practice, but I will soon. 🙂

We hope so! Thanks, Mladen, for this cycling interview and good luck! 🙂

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