Cycling interview – Peter Westerink

Cycling interview – Peter Westerink

These days Vukovar has a new festival, 3D Street Art festival, called Vukovart – Art Harbour. One of the organizers is Planet Street Painting from Holland and its owner Peter Westerink who loves cycling.

Since Holland care much about cycling, we caught Peter cycling through Vukovar and he was interested in Bikademy, so he signed up and now we have first Holland Bike Student.

You are a pioneer of Street Art, so what are You doing in Vukovar?

I am here as organizer of a new annual Internationsl 3D street art festival, to help the city move away from its war past and move onwards to an inspirational and beautiful future.

How do You like it here?

It’s very different from my hometown Utrecht, historically, culturally and physically, which is very interesting. People are friendly and this city on the Danube has a pleasant atmosphere. Happy to be here.

Since You come from Utrecht in Holland, are You riding a bike there?

Yes Of course!! A very old one 🙂

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What is bicycle for Dutch people, the transportation vehicle, fun or culture?

Every person in Holland grows up with a bike. It’s the best way to get from a to b while growing up. It’s almost an extension of our bodies. It’s impossible not to ride a bike. Over the past few decades city planning in general has been adapting to this. I believe Holland is meanwhile one of the mist bike-friendly countries in the world.

What about cycling when it’s raining in Holland? Since we have several bad days here, and no one is riding then.

People are so used to riding their bike, they just wear a rain suit or extra cost and hat. Weather is not really an issue.

Does Holland invest in cycling infrastructure a lot?

Yes, the bike is getting more and more s prominent role in city planning (and Holland promotion). Most cities have separate (red) bike paths, also for safety reasons. And promote themselves as bike-friendly.

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We can see here just cycling culture in cities, but what about rural parts and cycling tourism in Holland?

Cycling is everywhere in Holland, city and rural areas. For sure it’s the number one means of transportation between 6 and 26 years old.

For tourists the bike is a great way to explore cities, but also discover Holland away from the city. There are numerous bike routes for recreational bikers throughout the country.

What can You say about Bikademy? Is there a space for such product in Your country?

Bikademy is a great app. To my knowledge there’s not yet something like it here, but I am also not too familiar with that specific market.

Thanks Peter and have a great time here. Hope to see You again. 

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