Inspiration on Two Wheels: An Interview with Spoken-Word Poet Ena Rajić

Inspiration on Two Wheels: An Interview with Spoken-Word Poet Ena Rajić

Ena Rajić, a talented spoken-word poet, finds inspiration cycling through the city, blending her love for art and urban exploration. Discover her creative journey.

How did a psychologist end up in the arts?

Since I can remember, I have shown an affinity for performing arts and literature. My mother took me to poetry nights from a young age, I have always enjoyed school reading, and in primary and secondary school, I was a member of drama clubs. As I grew older, I also became interested in psychology, which I eventually graduated in. At one point, I decided to combine these two passions into the form of spoken word poetry and satirical video sketches. Over the years, the number of people following my video content on social media has grown. Simultaneously, I informally educated myself at the Zagreb film incubator “BLANK” and the acting program of the “Kubus” studio. I quit my job as a psychologist and dove into the creative industry. Since 2020, I am an owner of MEDIA SCENA, where I predominantly engage in video production and perform my own satirical-poetic show “Bez dlake na jeziku” (“Straight Talk”). I have produced over 300 video films for clients and my personal brand, and performed dozens of domestic and international shows, with the most notable being a sold-out performance at Lisinski, a performance at the UN, and a TEDx talk titled “How to Stay Unhappy for the Rest of Your Life?”

Ena Rajic Bikademy 4
Ena Rajic – TedX (Photo by: Ratko Mavar)

We’ve heard that a bicycle is an indispensable part of your daily life?

That’s right. Every year, from the arrival of spring until late autumn, bicycle becomes my favorite mode of transport.

What are your favorite cycling places or routes in Zagreb?

My most frequent route is Stara Trešnjevka – Jarun (in Zagreb, Croatian capital). After a workday or during times when there are no crowds, there’s nothing I love more than cycling this route and giving myself some time just for me.

Does riding help you in any way to get inspiration for your performances and ideas?

Absolutely! There have been times when I’ve stopped in the middle of a ride to write down an idea, verse, or rhyme that came to mind during the ride. Besides that, before performances, I like to be alone for a few hours, so you’ll often see me cycling while reciting my lines out loud.

You recently rode through the rural parts of Slavonia, a region in Eastern Croatia? How was that experience?

I truly enjoyed every moment. I felt carefree, present in the moment, a childlike fascination as I discovered new areas for the first time, and genuine gratitude for living in a country with abundance of natural beauty. It was the first time I rode an electric bike and through beautiful Slavonia! I am someone who prefers active over passive holidays, so this type of activity was a perfect choice for me.

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Ena Rajic cycling

Did that encourage you to plan longer rides to other destinations? And which destination would you generally recommend visiting?

Definitely. I returned to Zagreb, shared my enthusiasm with everyone, and asked them to promise to visit Slavonia, Ramarin Ranch, and treat themselves to a ride with a cycle guide. I will be going back again at the first opportunity! Since I am currently returning from a ten-day trip to southern Dalmatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, and I’m freshly impressed, I recommend visiting the beautiful Dubrovnik, the Neretva region, and the Bay of Kotor.

What are your plans for this year in terms of work and travel?

The plan is to hold three more public performances with the satirical-poetic show “Bez dlake na jeziku” in Zagreb by the end of the year, as well as a few private performances. I will continue to create video content for clients, and I hope to dedicate more time to writing new spoken word poems and scripts for satirical sketches by the end of the year. By the first half of 2024, I have visited several Croatian cities, Italy, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, and in the second half of the year, I am currently planning a vacation on the Adriatic coast and a business trip to Travnik. If any other destination opens up along the way, I am happy to go! As Balašević would say: “Don’t ask twice, let’s hit the road, I was born packed.” 🙂

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Ena Rajic 3

Do you have any motivational message for Bikademy Students?

Put on your helmet, pedal hard, and enjoy exploring the expanses of our Lijepa Naša (beautiful ours). We call it like that for a reason.❤️

Thank You Ena and see you soon. Hopefully, on bike!

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