Exhibition “Good City – visions for the city on the move”

Exhibition “Good City – visions for the city on the move”

As we know, Bikademy mission is promotion certain area as desirable cycling destination. And we thought on wider destination, since in Croatia there are no big cities in world’s scales. But, cycling destinations could be and cities which with their urban planning and innovative solutions, create great environment and improve the quality of life its citizens. As such, they become tourist baits.

Copenhagen is one of the most wanted cities for living in Europe, but also top bike friendly city in the World. Because of that, in cooperation with Embassy of Denmark in Croatia, we brought in Slavonski Brod exhibition “Good City – visions for the city on the move” through project “Small Paris – Klakar”.

Exhibition was opened by Jasmina Kovacevic – chief of cultural affairs, and You can visit the expo in Salon Becic on the main city square.

Exhibition is focused on challenges that stands in fron of the Copenhagen as cycling city and explore possibilities that are hiding in cycling traffic as platform for change conditions in cities with lower traffic jams and quality vital spaces. Also, exhibition promotes bicycle as transport vehicle and life style and can show good way and example for our cities.

Exhibition will be moved to Osijek next week.

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