Feel free collaboration with 3DFilip

Feel free collaboration with 3DFilip

The launch of the Bikademy web shop began with the “Feel Free” campaign, which we launched in collaboration with our friend, the Bikademy ambassador, but also the top artist 3DFilip.

In addition to 3D street art, Filip loves bicycles and cycling. He also shot two documentaries about cycling from Croatia to France and through the Italian regions of Tuscany and Lazio. That’s why it is no wonder that he is active in the promotion of cycling and cycle tourism.

On this occasion, we made a short interview about the “Feel Free” campaign.

What was the idea behind the visual?

The idea was to create a connection with the viewer. To create a feeling of freedom and of the unrestrained, to evoke emotion and to encourage and inspire people to take action.

Bikademy 3Dfilip Feel Free Shirt

Is there any story behind exact colors?

I started from myself and my sense of freedom. My favorite color is blue 🙂 And who knows better than birds what it means to be free, unfettered, without limits etc. That’s why the arms are spread.
When I drew the first line, I knew I hadn’t made a mistake 😉

What does “feel free” mean to you?

First of all, the pursuit. Getting out of the comfort zone, the ability to cope with challenges and obstacles in life, the ability to pursue your goals and dreams. Victory over yourself, your limitations and fears.

For me, feel free means feel yourself!

Bikademy 3Dfilip Feel Free Tuscany

When is your next cycling adventure?

There are many plans for another big cycling adventure, and I miss it a lot. But, I have to balance it with working obligations and family. Soon, hopefully. 🙂

Bikademy 3Dfilip Feel Free Italy

Thank you, Filip for the interview and collaboration! We’ll follow your work and see you soon!

Our web shop is live and you can see all shirts on the link.

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