New Bikademy Study – Berlin

New Bikademy Study – Berlin

As Germany marks 30 years of the fall of Berlin Wall, we decided to open new Bikademy Study just in Berlin. Berlin is one of the cities which wider center You can cycle without any problems, and we convinced ourselves in that.


Study Berlin has eight (8) Bikademy Exams:

  • Checkpoint Charlie
    Checkpoint Charlie was the best-known border crossing between East and West Berlin during the Cold War.
  • Potsdamer Platz
    One of the main squares in Berlin.
  • Victory Column
    The Victory Column is one of the major tourist attraction in the city of Berlin and is made to to commemorate the Prussian victory in the Danish-Prussian War.
  • Brandenburg Gate
    The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most important monuments – a landmark and symbol all in one with over two hundred years of history.
  • Berlin Television Tower
    Berlin’s TV Tower is the city’s most visible landmark with 368 m height. It is placed on famous Alexanderplatz.
  • Eastside Gallery
    Once it was the Berlin Wall. Now it’s the longest open-air gallery in the world.
  • Molecule Men
    The 30-meter sculpture stands at exactly the point where the former East and West Germany met.
  • Tempelhof Park
    Tempelhof Park (Tempelhofer Feld) is one of the world’s largest inner-city parks.

To become Bike Student  is easy – just download and register on free Bikademy App:

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And You pass exams in just four simple steps:

  1. Register on Bikademy App
  2. Cycling to Exam (location)
  3. Make a selfie on bicycle through App
  4. Choose next Exam
In Just 4 Steps Take Your First Bikademy Berlin Exam!

Every Bike Student gets reward when passes all Exams from one Study!


Bikademy Berlin – Cycle Your Exams

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