New Study – Island Rab, island of Happiness

New Study – Island Rab, island of Happiness

Bikademy continues with expansion on other regions and destinations. Latest cycling Study is Island Rab. Rab is called Happy Island since the Roman Empire, and why is that so, You’ll see during the cycling tour around it.

New Study - Island Rab, Island Of Happiness 3

Bikademy Study island Rab consists of 7 exams:

  • Paradise Beach
  • St Nicholas
  • Beach Ciganka
  • Viewpoint Stolac
  • Golden Sunset
  • City of Rab
  • Dundo Forrest

Bikademy Rab is financed by Tourist Board of Lopar, where will be rewards for everyone passes all exams of island Rab Study.

Explore by bike new Bikademy Study – island Rab

Explore beautiful island Rab by bike, Cycle your Exams and find out why Romans called it island of happiness!

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