Building Resilience: Cycling and Culture in the Danube region

Building Resilience: Cycling and Culture in the Danube region

The Danube, the second longest river in Europe, flows through 10 countries and it’s a priceless natural and cultural resource for everyone in the region.

Recognizing that, we created two Studies, or groups of valuable micro locations in a region, for experienced cyclists to visit. Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Srijem Studies showcase the powerful river in Exams like Erdut, Batina and Kopacki rit or in Ilok or Eltz Manor.

That’s why we participated at the DANUrB+ conference in Baja, Hungary. The DANUrB+ project aims to create a dense network of stakeholders and projects to reactivate underused cultural heritage and resources in shrinking settlements of the Danube river.

Danube Conference Cycling Bikademy Danurb+ 2
Danube conference cycling Bikademy DanurB+ 2

In Bácskai Kultúrpalota, the magnificent building of the culture center, we heard and spoke with researchers, city developers, tourist boards representatives, NGOs and other stakeholders. They showcased various projects – from the focus on cuisine and fisherman’s heritage, to incorporating traditional ways into the tourist offer and our modern lives.

Danube Conference Cycling Bikademy Danurb+ 1
Danube conference cycling Bikademy DanurB+ 1

We emphasized that cultural tourists want to experience much more than just museums or cultural sights. They enjoy gastronomy, wines, natural sights, connecting with locals… That’s why it’s our mission to encourage people to explore destinations by bike. It’s much faster than walking, and there’s much more to experience compared to a car ride.

As our app is free for all users, lovely Bikademy Students, we hope to create more Studies and Exams in the Danube region and be a trusty guide through its heritage. If you are working in a city, municipality, tourist board, feel free to reach out and learn how Bikademy can help your community.

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