What is the best way to explore Zagreb as a traveler?

What is the best way to explore Zagreb as a traveler?

If you want to explore Zagreb, you might ask yourself what’s the best and most efficient way for that?

We’ll tell you in a little bit. As the capital of Croatia and one of the oldest European cities, it has numerous cultural and natural heritage sights waiting for you to visit. However, it might be too big for going on foot, and driving around might not be a pleasant experience.

Explore Zagreb Bikademy
Zagreb is not on many ‘bike-friendly cities’ lists as its cycling infrastructure has a long way to go. However, don’t get discouraged. Cycling is in fact, the best way to explore it. With its flat terrain, various road surfaces, constant investments in the cycling infrastructure, Zagreb provides a pleasurable experience for all of you cyclists and travelers out there.

Flat terrain and variety of surfaces

The flat terrain and general cityscape make it easy to go for a ride no matter the bike you have. You can easily cycle longer distances and see more in a shorter amount of time. The peaceful green paths of Maksimir Park are only a few minutes away from the concrete jungle of the city center. Several kilometers separate museums from the dirt paths of Savica Lake. Culture and nature intertwine and create a diverse and fun experience.

Rich in culture

Croatia was always at the cross-section of cultures, and so was Zagreb! That’s visible in architecture, urban spaces, and cultural heritage. From classical, Neo-Baroque, Neo-Gothic and other Neo-styles to Art Nouveau, and contemporary structures made out of concrete, glass, and other materials. The Cathedral of Zagreb, Croatian National Theatre, Mimara Museum, St Mark’s Church, Mestrovic Pavillion, the Museum of Contemporary art,… It’s just a tiny part of Zagreb’s wonderful offer of architecture, heritage, culture, art exploration and more.

However, we shouldn’t forget that Zagreb is a great blend of old and modern. Museum of Broken Relationships treasures and shares heartbreak stories from all over the world. Museum of Illusions is a franchise well-known all over the world with its roots here, in Zagreb.

Trust us, we barely scratched the surface and there’s so much more to see and explore. So, hop on a bike to have the best experience of Zagreb and its rhythm.

Win rewards while cycling in Zagreb

Yes, Zagreb is Bikademy’s Study that we truly enjoyed exploring and creating. It has seven Exams that represent important cultural and natural heritage points of the city.

Bundek Park is a leisure place for many of Zagreb’s residents. Bundek consists of two lakes around which are bike and walking lanes, playgrounds, fields for volleyball, handball, and other sports. In summer you can go to an event here or simply go for a swim and rest. And beloved Sava embankment is only few minutes away.
Explore Zagreb Bundek Bikademy
Jarun Lake is another Exam that’s an important location for sports and recreation for many Zagrebians. You’ll find many fellow cyclists on the bike path there.
Explore Zagreb Jarun Bikademy
Jelacic Square, in the heart of Zagreb, is where you’ll feel the rhythm of the city and its residents the most.

Mirogoj cemetery is among the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. It holds the memories of the crucial parts of Croatian history – famous writers, composers, sportsmen, and other historical figures.

National and University Library is situated in the building called The Pantheon of the Croatian book. The park with fountains in front of it connects Old and New Zagreb.

The last Exams are the green paradises of Maksimir Park and Savica Lake that we mentioned earlier. Maksimir is the oldest public park in South-Eastern Europe and it’s a place where you can find Zagreb ZOO as well.
Explore Zagreb Maksimir Bikademy
And trust us, Savica Lake is a Zagreb gem that not even many Zagrebians know of, but it most definitely won’t disappoint you.
Explore Zagreb Savica Bikademy
For more experienced cyclists, there is unavoidable Medvednica hill and Sljeme peak.
Download the Bikademy app, make a check-in at the Exams and win a reward for yourself or your bike – thanks to our general sponsor GIANT Croatia.

To finish the Zagreb Study, ride as little as 25 kilometers or as much as you choose the route to be. Create your daily schedule and Bikademy will follow your rhythm.

Guided tours

The city has numerous bike rent points, and just as many guided tours by bike offers. Rent an e-bike at BikeOn Zagreb or join them for a Bikademy Zagreb guided tour. Get a combination of guided tour knowledge with Bikademy experience and cyclo rewards. No tricks, just treat!

Many of the tours are super-unique and even unexpected. For example, Blue Bike’s local guides lead small groups on comfy blue bikes (obviously 🙂 ). They have ‘Back to Socialism’ tour that showcases Zagreb’s less-known scenery.

Guided tours are an excellent opportunity to meet new people but without the stress of planning every detail. Relax and let the guide show you sights, give cultural highlights, and share the knowledge.
In conclusion, Zagreb is a city worth exploring. Use a bike to your advantage and enjoy the best of the city culture, nature, people, and food! You won’t regret it.
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